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What Will  Sort of Results Can I Expect In 6 Months?


The line between what your site looks like today on the internet, and how it can look in as little as 6 months will be explained in this article.

Search engines are not only useful for finding web pages, they’re also a good way to measure your online presence. In this blog post we’ll explore how Google’s search algorithm has evolved over the past few years, and how that evolution can help your SEO strategy grow in the future.

This article will explain the different factors that go into a good search engine optimization strategy, and help you to see how it can have a significant impact on your business in just six months. The author of this blog post will also share their own experience with the search engine optimization process so that you have an idea of what to expect.

Why Invest in SEO?

If you want to achieve success in your cannabis business, then you need to invest in a good SEO strategy. SEO is and will always be one of the most effective and unrestricted forms of traffic for cannabis leads. Being page 1 can make or break your business.

When people search for information about your products or services, they will likely visit your website first. If your website is not optimized for search engines, then you will not get the attention that you deserve. In some cases, a lack of SEO can actually result in decreased sales or a great brand never being seen.

So what will my SEO results look like in months? That depends on a number of factors, including the content on your website and the keywords that you choose to target and most importantly, the amount of high quality links provided to your site.

Optimizing your website for search engine rankings and adding keywords to your content. By doing this, you can improve your visibility and make it easier for people to find your business online. Improving aspects such as page speed, usability, function will help keep customers on your site and bring them back to buy more, Google will see this and reward you with higher ranks. 

In addition, investing in SEO can help you build a strong online reputation. This will make it easier for you to attract new customers and keep current ones loyal.

Months 1 – 3 Months

This is the beginning of your SEO layout strategy. Within the first 3 months, this is when you can expect to either see the keywords you are targeting start to show up on tracking apps ( within the top 100 ). The more aggressive the SEO strategy the faster these results will show up. 

This is also a time when you will see targeted keywords you currently rank for increase, often 10-30% increase can be seen depending on how competitive the keyword itself is as well as the strength of your site.

Months 3-6

seo results

The second phase is typically when keywords start to hit page 1 – 2. Given the correct strategy is implemented – Another important factor to pay attention to is how aggressive and competitive your website is, Age, Strength of Domain, Backlink quality. When the correct package is chosen that the Cannabis SEO team recommends, then these results are very typical. 

When your website starts to get to page 1, a new phase will be entered and it is usually a bouncing phase, where you will see your ranks go from 3 to 10 to 2 to 12 and will often start to settle based on factors such as how much traffic your page has in relation to other listings on the same page, domain strength, and click through rate of your page. 


Finally, make sure to optimize your website for search engines using proper keyword placement and keyword density percentages. This will help increase your chances of being found by potential customers when they search for information about your products or services.

Every strategy is customer tailored to each business. As a company that specializes in getting results on an independent website such as Google, it is difficult to give an exact measure of how long to expect, some keywords are naturally harder to get and some are easier, sometimes Google will prefer your site to rank on certain keywords and not others. 

Many SEO agencies will say they cannot give you a timeline on results, this however is often due to them putting very little effort into your strategy and would rather focus on keeping a long term client by having their results take as long as possible. The Cannabis SEO team has been in this situation as a client and operates with as much transparency as possible and gives the best possible results for the smallest investment. SEO with an effective strategy recommended by us will have results in as little as 1-3 months.

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